Ulala Idle Adventure Hack

Ulala Idle Adventure Hack – Pearl and Shell Cheats

Ulala: Idle Adventure created by X.D. Global is an addictive adventure game for android & IOS where your principal target is to make your favorite character stronger and conquer the dinosaurs by confronting them. Classes will be assigned to you at the beginning of the game and you will have to choose your favorite. So, choosing the best class is necessary, the Ulala Idle Adventure Hack will help you to choose the best class and also help you dominate the game. After choosing the best character class, you will go into the battlefield.

If you just started playing this brand-new adventure game and you are looking for a free guide and in-game resource then this article/guide is for you.

How to Get Free Resources?

Getting free android games resources shouldn’t be a new thing to you by now, there are several tools that helps you to achieve that, though most of these tools are fake that’s why we have released a verified and working Ulala Idle Adventure Cheats tool which will help you get free pearls and shell. You can use these resources to play the game effectively, win your friends and dominate the game

Why Should I use the Cheat Tool?

Our cheat tool is for those who can’t afford to buy Ulala Idle Adventure in-game resources (pearl and shells) and needs these resources. Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you need these resources to advance in the game and dominate your friends which will make the game more fun.

On What Devices Can I Play This Game?

Ulala Idle Adventure is available on both android & IOS platform. A PC version might be out very soon if the game project is boosted.

How Can I Use the Tool?

Using the tool is very easy as it doesn’t require much work or time as it is web based. All you need to do is to use visit Ulala Idle Adventure Hack tool page, fill in your user ID/Playstore Email, choose the amount of pearls and shell you want and click the proceed button. After the hacking process is done, you will be asked to do a simple 2-minuite human verification.

Why Do I Need to Complete Human Verification?

We add this to our servers to avoid abuse of our cheats tool, we do our best to update our servers daily so that the tool can be used every day, If we get too much requests in one minute, our API’s will be banned and we won’t have access to their servers again which will make the tool to be rendered useless.

Ulala Idle Adventure Cheats

Ulala Idle Adventure: Best Character & Class Guides

In Ulala Idle Adventure, you have eight classes to choose from, each of these classes has different skills and strength so choosing the best out of these eight is very important.

  • Hunter

If you love Bow & Arrows then you should go for the Hunter. He has a great surviving & attacking technique.

  • Shaman

Shaman has the ability to command different totems. He is well known for his healing & cohesive power

  • Mage

Mage is a very powerful attacker due to her arcane power. She’s one of my favorites.

  • Gladiator

Gladiator always take charge in the game due to his powerful fighting skills.

  • Hunter

He has the ability to move back and forth on the battleground due to his vigorous moves

  • Druid

They are nature’s messenger that’s the reason they have the ability to cure teammates.

  • Warrior

He is well known for his powerful hammer; He uses it to strike his enemies.

  • Warlock

Warlock is very powerful due to her fire skills. She uses fire and flames to engulf her enemies.

Now you have known all the characters and their abilities, I think it’s best known to you on which one to choose.

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